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Most second hand Engelbert Schmid Horns are very quickly sold. 

You should be aware, that the Engelbert Schmid Horns have a practically unlimited life span, due to the fact, that even mistreated valves can be restored very close to the original tighness.

Presently we have just one second hand instrument on sale! This is basically a good sign for the quality and the intrinsic value of the Engelbert Schmid Horns.

Full triple horn with f-alto, Yellow Brass, medium (golden cut) lacquered, 3 waterkeys, newly overhauled.

Serial number 1416, - this means from February/March 1994. Sounds old, but the horn has the life span of a new one,  and also the quality of a new one.

All over the years it was exclusively repaired in our workshop. So the valves are ansolutely tight and not worn out at all.

The professional player to whome it served perfectly has no aggressive saliva, so there are no signes of red rott.

The lacquer is practically perfect, only 2 tiny spots where it's worn through. The levers are newly lacquered. No dents.

It comes with a specially made case for travel purposes, - a little havier than the modern ones, but protecting the instrument very well.


Price: € 7.500,- plus eventuel shipping. No VAT can be stated, since it's from a private person. 

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